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The following individuals and organizations have been authorized by EPS to provide TAIS Certification training. This training has been designed to ensure that service providers using TAIS have a thorough understanding of the inventory and its application. For information about the programs they offer, and the dates and times of training, please follow the links provided.

Please Note:   The following certification programs are designed to provide you with the knowledge needed to meet the basic requirements of the American Psychological Association to use TAIS. However, the various programs differ from one another in several ways; these include 1) pricing, 2) minimum and maximum number of participants, and 3) the areas test results are applied to (e.g., sport, business, specific industries, etc.).

Dr. Robert Nideffer, the developer of TAIS, provides TAIS training four times a year in San Diego. With highly personalized attention given, Dr. Nideffer limits the enrollment of his training programs to no more than five persons.

Dr. Robin Pratt has been using TAIS since 1977, and played a key role in the development of the first TAIS certification training programs. Dr. Pratt has used the instrument in a wide variety of performance settings, and has more extensive experience with the application of TAIS within sales and financial institutions than any other trainer. Among other training activities, he offers a web-based certification program for individuals who, because of time or distance constraints, cannot attend a regular program. Please contact Dr. Pratt via email: pratteps@infionline.net.

Qualifying.org, Inc. is a "blended learning" organization licensed to qualify/certify development professionals for best-practice application of TAIS and ten additional assessment tools from five different publishers. Qualifying.org's emphasis is on helping corporations identify the psychological tools best suited to their development needs, and to then train and certify internal professionals to use those tools in alignment with corporate strategies. QOI is uniquely positioned to train for integration of multiple tools and methods, and trains Master classes on leader development, teaming and coaching applications.

Winning Mind, LLC provides customized TAIS training and certification to a wide range of high-performance organizations. Winning Mind consultants specialize in Performance Enhancement/Coaching, Leadership Development and Selection. They have specific and extensive expertise working in sport, military, law enforcement and emergency service environments.

Al Loader at Enhanced Performance Systems ACT Inc., in Kitchner, Ontario (Canada), also coordinates TAIS Certification training with the persons and firms above. Al's telephone is: (519) 744-8805.

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